Asgards Glory - Pre-renewal 2x/2x/2x | Bot Friendly Community !

Started by AsgardsGlory, Sep 19, 2023, 12:02 PM

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Asgards Glory is a pre-renewal experience with some quality of life changes. We are a bot friendly community and have all you need to get started from our discord! Why not stop by if you want to get the automation side of RO a try without being banned ? /no1

We also have NO CASH SHOP all premium head gears are being slowly added into the game via custom quests over time. No P2W features are found here.


Server Features

⦁ Rates: 2/2/2
⦁ Max Level: 99/70
⦁ Botting Supported !
⦁ Job Changer NPC
⦁ Stat Reset NPC
⦁ Platinum Skills NPC
⦁ Healer
⦁ Reset NPC
⦁ Custom Head Gear Quests
⦁ @ commands such as go, autoloot, mi etc.