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Author Topic: EinherjarRO - 11 CUSTOM JOBS  (Read 547 times)

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EinherjarRO - 11 CUSTOM JOBS
« on: Feb 02, 2020, 04:10 am »
Basic Info:
Pre-Renewal (13.2)
Max Level: 99/70
Rates: 3/3/log(3) ~ 9/9/log(9) Floating Rates
Card Drop Rate: 0.1%
MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.03%
Party Share Level: 15

Main Features

11 Custom Endgame jobs 

Enchanting - An expansive Enchanting System where players can add customization details to their characters liking, enchants start off cheap but later become an end game goal. 

Weapon Mastery - You gain exp depending on the weapon you have equip when you get a kill, Whenever your Exp reaches a certain threshold you will gain 1 level of the corresponding weapon type in the misc skill tree. Also bonuses increase the higher the weapon level

Custom Forgeable Gears - Can forge Armors, Shields, Garments, Boots, Helmets and Accesories with unique bonuses. Also Katars, Rods, Musical Instruments and Whips. 

Mining - A fully custom Mining system involving custom gear and skills, Mining also increases a players max Weight. Some rare materials are only available via mining such as Enriched Elunium and Oridecon. 

Other Features 
Treasure Hunting 
Daily Rewards
Hourly Auto-Events
Bounty Boards 
Luk increase droprate a little 
Many cool hats
Costume converter
Free Reset
And Many More 

Website: http://home.projecteinherjar.com/fluxcp/
Wiki: http://home.projecteinherjar.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/VcKQZdQ
Register: http://home.projecteinherjar.com/fluxcp/?module=account&action=create
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