Battle of the Guilds (BG-RO) 15x/15x/5x

Started by bgrousername, Nov 08, 2023, 10:23 AM

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🌟 Welcome to RO: Battle of the Guilds! 🌟
🌐 Website:
💬 Discord:
👍 Facebook:

Attention all adventurers and guilds seeking a new home! Our server, launched on November 4, 2023, is the perfect realm for your next grand adventure. Whether you're a solo explorer or a guild looking for a new home, we welcome you to join our growing community.

Server Highlights:

  • Host Location: Los Angeles (With Proxies in Southeast Asia and Europe)
  • Max Levels: 99/70
  • Rates: Balanced 15x/15x/5x
  • Era: Pre-renewal (Trans & Expanded Classes)
  • Current Episode: 10.4 "Haven of the Forgotten, Hugel"
  • Playability: Available on PC Client, Android coming soon!

Why Embark on This Journey? 🚀

  • Play-2-Earn: Paypal Vouchers for MVP, Mining, Fishing, and Farming.
  • Real Money Trade (RMT)
  • New Player Tutorial.
  • Dynamic Hunting Missions
  • Attendance Rewards: Earn rewards for playing.
  • MVP Blueprint System
  • Happy Hour & World Blessings: Extra perks for extra fun.
  • Battlegrounds & World Boss Invasions
  • Lifestyle Skills: Dive into Mining, Fishing, and Farming.
  • Exclusive Packages: For New Players & Guilds.
  • Multiple Proxy Support: Ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
  • Automated Events & Gepard Shield Security
  • ...and more!

Join us in a world where your courage, strategy, and friendships can forge a new legend. Create alliances, engage in exhilarating battles, and leave your mark in the Battle of the Guilds!

Your next great adventure awaits - join us now!

Server Roadmap