Havoc SAGA (25x/25x/15x)

Started by Alberta, Nov 11, 2023, 04:20 AM

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Hi everyone, I would like to invite you to play in Havoc SAGA if you are interested, unlike some of the low-rate servers out there we offer lots of QoL improvements to the game, we have a Warper, Buffer and a Main Office that has almost all of the NPCs you need, and although the server is on pre-renewal we have an Outfit NPC which can change your looks into either 3rd Job, 3rd Job (jRO) or 4th Job.

We also have constant updates from player feedback and continuously improving the game, one of the recent updates I pushed was the Automated Combat Book, this allows players to leave their character farming for 3 hours, please do note that after the said time you need to trigger the book again.

Almost all of the loots price has been nerfed in order to balance the server's economy and the Combat Book (3D) cost is 3,500,000z (without DC).

The server also has Eden Group HQ which gives players the option to grind and have more exp after the said quest, the server currently runs at Episode 10.4: Hugel and have episodic updates from kRO and our own seasonal events.

Also, you can get Cash Points in the game without donating, you can get them by just joining automated events or farming on the designated Dungeon of the Day.

Players population in Havoc SAGA is not that big yet but we would love to hear from players feedback on what to improve into the game, I hope you can try our server. Thank you!!

Server Website: https://havocsaga.com/
Forums: https://board.havocsaga.com/
Wiki: https://wiki.havocsaga.com/