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Author Topic: Guild RO - 5x / 5x / 5x  (Read 937 times)

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Offline Windy

Guild RO - 5x / 5x / 5x
« on: Aug 27, 2021, 04:33 pm »

[28th August] Game Notice | Welcome pack for new players

Greetings adventurer,

I have written this message to inform all of you again that the server is still alive and running. The server was advertised onto RMS previously, but I was facing a very low count of new players who joined. I am still working with developers to patch and continuing in bringing players content and in-game events to make the server exciting.

The end goal of the server still remains ambitious, I planned to introduce multi-platform where android phone users and macOS players can play RO in web platform.  I hope you would bring some friends along with you and play together, after all - WoE is much more fun with bigger population.

Do PM me personally if you played the game as a reaction to this message, I will give you some items to kickstart the game (Nothing game-breaking, I promise.)

**For those pioneer adventurers who have received my PM on discord, there will be bonus additional items.

Thank you,