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ggRO - 7/7/4
« on: Dec 17, 2014, 03:37 am »
Website: http://play-ggro.com
Forums: http://forums.play-ggro.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GG-Ragnarok-Online/422125177941089
Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/ggRO

Launch date!

☆ 20th of December 2014 @  3:00 PM Central Standard Time
 ☆ Experience
Base Experience: 7x
Job Experience: 7x
Quest Experience: 2x **
MvP Experience: 3x **
EXP Bonus per party member: 10% **
EXP Bonus per attacker: 25% and capped at 15 attackers **
Multiple Level-Up: Enabled
 ☆ Drop rates
General drop rate for everything: 4x
Mini Boss and MvP Cards: 1x
MvP Drops: 4x
MvP Bonus: 4x
Card granted drop items: 4x **
Treasure chest drops: 4x **
 ☆ Guild related
Maximum guild size: 100 **
WoE Roster Cap: 48 **
Guild Skills: Yes ** (Emergency call will be available)
Spaces in Guild Name: Yes
Alliances: No

 ☆ Party settings
Party Size: 15 members
Party name contains space: Yes
Party Share Range: 10
 ☆ Other
Starting Episode: 9.0
Classes available: Pre-trans and Super Novices
Kafra NPC with Warper and Guild Storage: Yes
Job Changer: Yes, with a fixed cost
Stylist NPC: Yes
Healer NPC: 100z per level After 50
Reset NPC: Yes which scales on level after 50. Currently set to 15,000z per level or 29,000z if you plan to reset both
Platinum Skill NPC: No
Rental Npc: No **
Tool Dealers: Standardized across the server
Job Quests: Yes with a zeny reward
Donation Rewards: Yes
gg Token NPC: Yes
Dungeon quests: Account-wide when completed
Pets: Enabled and provide their effects
Homunculus: Disabled til correct Episode
Card Remover: Yes, but with a high cost
Multi Clienting: Enabled
Battlegrounds: Disabled on Launch
WoE: Disabled on Launch
Policy on third party clients: Prohibited except RCX
Hocus Pocus: Based on Episode
Map Flags: Based on Official **
Events: GM run and automated

 ☆ Server commands
@arealoot - Allows you to loot many items at once (3x3 range)
@alootid - Limited to ONE item
@showexp - Shows the amount of experience you gain
@refresh - Refreshes your client to deal with position lag
@whodrops - Shows which monsters drop a certain item
@ii - Gives you information on a certain item
@whereis - Shows you where you can locate a mob
@whosells - Displays whether player-shops are selling an item
@duel - Allows you to duel someone
@invite - Allows you to invite someone to a pre-existing duel
@leave - Leaves the duel
@channels - Big function which related to the Channel system built in the RO world.
✧ #main - Global chat
✧ #support - Global chat for support
✧ #recruit - Global chat for partying
✧ #trade - Global chat for market related purposes
✧ #map - Map-wide chat for the zone your in.
@autotrade - Allows you to vend your items whilst offline
@noask - Prevents people from inviting you to guilds/parties/trades
@request - Sends a message to an online GM / Player helper for assistance
@mobinfo - Gives you information about a monster
@help - Gives you information about the at commands
@uptime - How long the server has been up for
@time - The current time of the server
@rates - The rates in game
@jailtime - How long you're in jail for
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