Free Ragnarok Online - A classic server for all, enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Started by daim, Dec 07, 2015, 02:22 AM

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Hi there,

Download: (APK and PC version)

Why you should chose us?

We're from a group which has exprience running server more then 12 years, and yes our 1st server still running good. You dont have to worry about server closure, since with our exprience you can trust us server will bae manged as good as posibble and long lasting like our current server.

You can connect to our server from anywhere either by Computer, Android devices or Internet Browser.

Our gm team are friendly and helpful

Since this server launching on 12.12.2015 you guys will have same opportunity to compete each other. Or make new friends and chit chat with us.

Our server Infos:
Base Exp: 10x
Job Exp: 7x
Drop Rate: 3x
Quest Exp: default
Equip Drop: default   
Card Drop: default   
MVP Equip Drop: default   
MVP Card Drop: default
Max Base Lvl: 99   
Max Job Lvl: 70   
Max Stats: 99   
Max ASPD: 190
Server Mode: Normal   
Main Ethnic or Language: English

so what you guys waiting for? come and join us.

p/s we also looking gm from philipines, singapore and indonesia.