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Offline Kaleidoscope

Esper Online
« on: Nov 08, 2019, 08:58 am »
Greetings RMS Community!

Introducing Esper Online:

We are a low rate Pre-Renewal server that will be opening December 1, 2019. We offer nostalgic game play with an modernized spin to ensure a fresh and invigorating Ragnarok Online experience. We are not a "classic" or "vanilla" server, Esper Online has a good bit of customization and will continue to release new and innovative content. We strive to provide you with professional and compassionate service as we are too lovers of the RO world and only want create a common space where people can all feel at home, to create and reminisce memories. I could talk for hours about the server and our vision but i figured id just drop some server information and let you all come check it out for yourself! Make sure to drop by on discord!

Keep Scrolling for all the important links! See you guys in December  /lv

Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard, Destruction of Morocc
Max Level: 99/70
Rates: 10x/10x/7x
Card Drop Rate: 0.25%
Mini Boss/MVP Boss Drop Rate: 0.05%
Guild Capacity: 26
Guild Alliance: Disabled
Max Player in a party: 12
Party Share Level: 15
Disabled @autoloot on Homunculus.
Disabled Godly Items (e.g. Mjolnir/Brissingamen & etc.)

Features -
Game Guard: Gepard Shield 3.0
Server Location: Main Server is located in Canada with Singapore proxy server.
Anti-DDOS Protection.

Other Highlights -
Adventure Academy ( Custom Eden Group )
Voting 4 Cash Points
Hourly Cash Points
Freebies NPC
Unlockable Dungeon / Town Warper
Lots of quests to find while exploring
Shadow Armor Crafting / Refining ( In later Updates )
Random Bonuses From Dropped equipment
16+ skin colors to choose from
1000+ Costume Items ( Will be implementing new ones with every update )
Costume Headgear Enchanting
Daily Attendance System
Custom Pets

List of Custom NPC -
Job Changer
Tool Dealer
Plagiarism Master
Reset Stat/Skill NPC
Platinum Skill NPC
Universal Mount Master
100% Card Remover
Claw Machine

Command List -
@mvpstatus - Shows the status of all mvps: Alive or Dead + Respawn Time
@checkresist - Shows your individual and total elemental resistances
@checkresist2 - Shows your individual and total racial / size / range resistances
@checkdefense - Shows you the overall damage % reduction from your current amount of Def / Mdef
@mobinfo - shows monster information
@autoloot - after killing a monster everything that its drop will be in your inventory
@alootid - after killing a monster the specific item you set will be in your inventory
@aloottype - Allows you to choose to loot a specific type of item
@iteminfo - shows item information
@whodrops - shows who monster drop certain item
@time - shows the server time
@jailtime - shows time before you can go out from jail
@hominfo - shows your homunculus information
@homstats - shows your homunculus stats
@showexp - shows exp obtain from monsters
@showzeny - shows zeny obtain from monsters
@whereis - shows where you can find the monster you are looking for
@channel - join, create channels.
@autotrade - vend while your away from PC
@refresh - refresh your ragnarok screen
@noask - disable trade/party/guild invitations
@noks - make other player damage miss on your target monster (does not apply on MVP's)
@lgp - Enable/Disable LGP
@square - <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@circle - Displays circle around the character.
@aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.
@shake - Enables/Disables "shake" effect
!ping - shows statistic of connection
!vsync - disables limit 60 FPS

Useful Links -
Website: http://esper-ro.com
Forums: http://esper-ro.com/forum
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/esperonline
Discord: https://discord.gg/gN8bPkA
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