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EldritchRO - 5/5/2* Classic Pre-Re - A fresh new home for the oldschool!



Hi everybody! I'm here to invite you to try out our fresh new server, EldritchRO. We've just opened, and the server is running 24/7, stable and smoothly.

EldritchRO is an Episode 13.2 ("Encounter with the Unknown") Classic (Pre-Re) server with 5/5/2* EXP rates and balanced drop rates (check out more below) with the aim of replicating the traditional mechanics of the game in its early and best incarnation, with minimal balancing changes and many QoL improvements to refresh and optimize gameplay. With loads of content already available for players to explore: 26 Towns, 31 Dungeons, including The New World (Manuk, Splendide), Moskovia, Satan Morocc, Thor's Volcano, Ice Dungeon, Rachel Sanctuary, Nameless Island, tons of gears, items, classes and much more!

Our server has balanced drop rates like 5x for gears and 10x for cards for players to enjoy more of the vast content of this game. Also, something that distinguishes our server from other low-rates are our QoL perks: Healer NPC, Warper NPC (places have to be 'unlocked'!), Job Changer, a central hub (The Tavern, a chill underground pub in the mid of Prontera) with useful NPCs like Gun Dealer and Ninja Supplier to make for a more enjoyable gameplay.

We are committed to providing a balanced, low-rate classic RO experience in a stable, timeless server. The server is located in the US, also running great in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, France, PH and other places as well according to feedback I've received from players so far. Server is well-based and solid. The perfect place for you to have fun playing Ragnarok Online. Come try us out!

Now, a bit of my background: I've been playing RO since 2004. Lately I'd been looking for a low-rate server to relive the nostalgia of the golden early days. But I just couldn't find anything that fits my needs. Since I'm a programmer, I just decided I was gonna make that server myself. So I've put my vision, effort and much love onto this project, and now I'm here to present you with the result: EldritchRO.

I wanted a server with a classic vibe, but with more accessible items (having to kill 15k mobs to drop a single card is just too much ;~). A place to chill out, make friends and have fun. Also, I've wanted to implement some QoL features that most low-rates don't have. I've wanted the best of both worlds, so to speak. Every single decision I make is always towards keeping things low-rate, balanced and most important, FUN. And I believe I have achieved something that feels really special to play! Check out our features:

Server Rates:
- Max Level/Job: 99/70
- Max Stats: 99
- Max ASPD: 190
- Instant Cast: 150 Dex
- EXP (Base/Job/Quest): 5x/5x/3x
- EXP Regular Mob / MVP:
- Common Item Drop: 2x/5x
- Heal Item Drop: 3x/10x
- Usable Item Drop: 5x/10x
- Equipment Drop: 5x/3x
- Card Drop: 10x/3x
- MVP Item Drop: 5x

QoL Improvements: Default Walk Speed slightly increased, Hp/Sp Regen Rates doubled, 30lvl-party-share range, 70% Max Weight + other minimal improvements.

Main Custom NPCs: Healer, Warper, Stylist, Job Changer, Stat/Skill Reset, Plat Skills, Card Remover, Universal Rental, Expanded Tool Dealer, Gun Dealer, Ninja Supplier

Player @Commands: @arealoot, @showexp, @whodrops, @whereis, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whobuys, @whosells, @autotrade, @market, @duel, @noks

No Donations. No Dual Clienting. No autoloot.

Server location: United States - East (running solid and stable, come check it out!).

Visit our website to download the game and get more info:


Experience the nostalgia of the early days of this great MMORPG in a balanced and fun way!

See you on EldritchRO!~  /lv


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