Chaos Rebirth GRAND OPENING September 08, 2023 - GMT+8! (Friday)

Started by yijun17, Aug 14, 2023, 07:45 AM

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Official opening on September 8, but as early as September 7, you can log in for early rewards!
We hear you, and you read it right! We are now 25x with happy hour at 30x.

We're thrilled about our progress and can't wait to unveil our incredible server to the world. But first, let's ensure everything runs smoothly.

Grab your calendars because we've officially locked in the date for our grand server opening, which will be on September 8.

Your dedication and insights that have brought us to this exciting moment, and we're confident that together, we'll make this grand opening an absolute triumph.

Additional changes will be posted soon. Invite your friends and guilds so we can start the adventure together here in Chaos Rebirth!
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Chaos Rebirth (Pre-Renewal 25x 25x 3x 1x 1x HH 30x | 99 70 ) September 2023