Memorial RO | Pre-renewal 3x/3x/3x | Opening on Saturday, December 9th!

Started by memorialadm, Nov 04, 2023, 03:04 PM

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Opening on Saturday, December 9th!

Full Server information:

Basic Information:
🟧 Server Name: Memorial Ragnarok Online
🟧 TimeZome:
🟧 Mode: Pre-Renewal
🟧 Rates: 3x/3x/3x (Base/Job/Drop)
🟧 Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
🟧 Boss Rates: 1x
🟧 Treasure Rate: 1x

Special Features
🟧 No Pay-to-Win: Only Costume, Rental, TimeBoost and ETC items.
🟧 MultiAccount: Disable. Only single client
🟧 MultiLevel: Disable
🟧 Disable BattleGrounds

Other Features
🟧 Repeatable Quest (Item Collection): Disable. Only enabled hunting quests
🟧 Homunculus Autoloot: Disable.
🟧 Autotrade: Enable.
🟧 Autovend: Enable. SPECIAL FEATURE!!


Changes for Quality of Life
🔶Don't need a weapon to equip ammunition.
🔶Ammo does't get unequipped when you unequip a weapon.
🔶Enhanced regon till 70% weight.
🔶Global chat: Enable (#main, #trade and #party).

Extra Commands:
🔶EXCLUSIVE FEATURE @autovend / @av (For all).
You will be able to use all the characters on your account simultaneously while using a Merchant with Autotrade!
🔶@whosell / @ws (For all).
🔶@noress (Only VIP).
🔶@lastteleport (Only VIP).
🔶@dance (Only VIP).

🔶Remove zoom restriction.
🔶@refresh with 80ms.
🔶Added Settings icon to the left side of the minimap.
🔶Some textures are transparent when walking beneath them.

🔶Kill Steal Protection: Enable (10 seconds).
🔶Mobs can be in the same cell.
🔶Monster Fatigue: Disable.
🔶Disable METAMORPHOSIS (Mi Gao Skill).

🔶Teleport Menu Lvl 1: Skipped.
🔶Land Protector: ignores AoE affects/hits while players are standing on the border.
🔶Bowling Bash: Ignore gutter line system.
🔶Grandcross: Deals damage to all targets.
🔶Gospel: Relogin Stack disabled.

Additional server information will be available soon.
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