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Aesir Ragnarok - Revo-classic Server



Experience a unique and exciting gameplay with Aesir Ragnarok's revo-classic and low-rate specifications.
The perfect combination of the old classic ragnarok with modern mechanics.
Play Ragnarok the way it is meant to be played where there are no godly items, no poorly-designed custom maps,
just good old nostalgia. Rally your guild, rune midgard is in need of it's adventurers once again!



* Location: Singapore
* Mechanics: Revo-Classic
* Episode: 10.4 (Hugel)
* Dual Client: Enabled (Limited to 2)Rates

* Base Exp: 5x
* Job Exp: 5x
* Quest Exp: 1x
* Equip Drop: 3x
* Normal Card Drop: 3x
* Mini Boss/MvP Card Drop: 1xFeatures

* Drop Pillar Effects
* Happy Hour
* Hourly Points
* Rest Bonus System
* Airship Navigation
* Skill Rebalances
* and many more!What are you waiting for? Join us now and register your account.
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Oh don't forget, freebies? We have that for you also!
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