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Author Topic: Einherjar, Custom classes done right  (Read 349 times)

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Einherjar, Custom classes done right
« on: Jul 19, 2022, 01:02 am »

What is Einherjar?
Einherjar is a project to increase the number of playable classes and content while keeping things feeling official overall. So far we have increased class count by 31. We try and make each class have its own unique feel, with advantages and disadvantages, at the same time trying not to overshadow the already existing classes.

Class Tree

Server Basics
Mode - Pre-Renewal
Rates - 3x3x3x Floating
Donation - No donation exclusives
Max Level - 99/70

- Visit Wiki for more Details -
Custom Classes - 5 first classes, each with two seconds classes which can all rebirth, with over 500 custom skills in total. There is at least one class for every gameplay role so no matter what you play there is something new to try.
Luck - The Luk stat increases drops rates of items
Auto Event - 17 events and counting, events reward tickets used to buy cash shop items.
Bounty Boards - Bounty Boards are quest boards where you can pick up quest from a randomized list of quest, changes every Friday, ever character can pick up 1 quest ever 16 hours and have 7 days to complete the quest. On completion quest give exp zeny and if the quest is tagged with [Card] then it gives the monsters card as well.
Daily Rewards - A system to reward play, rewards include items and a daily hour log buff increasing exp and monster drop rates.
Enchanting - An expansive Enchanting System where players can add customization details to their characters liking, enchants start off cheap but later become an end game goal.

Floating Rates - Dynamic Exp and Drop increase changing every hour for up to 100% bonus exp, 200% on weekends
Inns - Sleeping in an in fully restores hp, sp, grants a rested bonus increasing exp and drops slightly for 1 hour.
Mining - A fully custom Mining system involving custom gear and skills, Mining is a consistent way to get materials without my much threat to a player, Mining also increases a players max Weight. Some rare materials are only available via mining such as Enriched Elunium and Oridecon.
Recolorist - For 10,000 zeny and 3 dyestuff can change the color of your equipped headgear.
Scroll Crafting - Have the ability to use a blank scroll to craft a spell scroll, consumes the spells Sp and takes the full duration of the spell, not reduced by dex.
Treasure Chests - There are various chest hidden around the server, players can use keys (or other means) to unlock them and receive a reward.
Way-points - To unlock a way-point you must first visit the location you want to warp to, for towns you must click on the warp-gate, for dungeons and fields you must walk into a certain part of the map. The Warp-gate cost 1 gemstone to warp, warping with Daily Login Bonus active is free, color depends on warp type. Town cost a Blue Gemstone, Field Cost a Yellow Gemstone and Dungeon cost a Red Gemstone.
Weapon Mastery - You gain exp depending on the weapon you have equip when you get a kill, Weapon Exp is shared with all party members so grouping is good, Whenever your Exp reaches a certain threshold you will gain 1 level of the corresponding weapon type in the misc skill tree.

Gear Crafting - A full Updated Gear Crafting, including many armors and weapons with special effects for each element

Website: Einherjar Online
Wiki: Main Page
Discord: Project Einherjar
Register: Flux Account Create