THRACE you idiot

Started by Father, Sep 01, 2013, 01:09 PM

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This old dog goes by many names: Thrace, Thracius Maximus, and many blasphemy IGNs i cant remember. If anyone bumps into this immature noob, kindly PM me. Yes, I am bored.

My IGN: Father, SkyHawk, Sky-xxxxxxxxx, RoseHeart

Novus Orbis

I think I saw him in Chu~RO. If this was the same Thrace you are talking about.


Yup, I last saw him on ChuRO playing Rune Knight.


yep, i tracked his smelly *** down to chu! now to blast him out of his hiding.
sorry if my pet has given anyone of you a hard time. he somehow managed to chew the chain and ranaway from his cage.
time to whip him..