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Author Topic: Reyna / Ereyna LF old Twelve Moons / Black Moon members and friends!  (Read 1831 times)

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Offline Reyna

Our website can be found: http://tiny.cc/blackmoon here!

Yo! I'm Reyna, long time leader of the Black Moon community. I've played on many servers in the 2000's and early 2010's. Among those were
ProjectRO 2005-2006, ApplejuiceRO 2006, LegacyRO 2008, RedskyRO ver2 2008, DestinaRO 2009, and DestinaRO 2011.

<- this was our emblem

I wanted to inform any oldtime BM folks that Black Moon is actually still alive today, as a gaming community and discord server. We play all kinds of games and some MMO's and are thinking of trying some RO again if we can find a suitable server.

Nieve / Kreuz / Lapis Lazuli is still around as co-lead, so is Ezer and Bern(Which we by miracle met again on FFXIV 10 years after parting ways on DestinaRO 2009 :O Bake Neko was from the same Hungarian guild hence why his name is in the description xD) and many other cool new folks we met along the way.

I'd love to reconnect with anyone remembering the old days and who feels nostalgic, hope you all are doing well!

<- DestinaRO 2009
DestinaRO 2011
DestinaRO 2011
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