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Author Topic: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>  (Read 47996 times)

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Re: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>
« Reply #45 on: Jan 29, 2021, 06:49 am »
I hope you all are doing well.
Some of the best friends in my life I have met in RO, and projectRO was definitively the pinnacle of the RO experience.
I've lost count how many hours we all have spent in that small PVP arena back then.
So many beautiful memories which I will never forget. Some sweet, some bittersweet but definitely no regrets.
There's one thing you've probably already forgotten about.. The +7 orc hero goggles  /gg sure was worth it just to annoy Baku and other people freaking out because of it

PS. Requiem, I'm pretty sure Renata doesn't miss us as much as we miss her  /heh /kis I think I still have THOSE irc logs somewhere on my old drive.

I even miss that crappy hunter, UnderWorld, from the UnderWorld guild, whose custom guild title was Underworld.
LMAO how could I ever forget about that dude. At times I felt sorry for how we owned his butt in pvp.

Take care guys and cherish those memories because they have defined who we are today. /lv /lv /lv
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Re: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>
« Reply #46 on: Feb 02, 2022, 11:23 am »
It’s been about a year since the last comment in this beautiful thread, so let’s keep the train moving all these years after this was posted!

I lived in Europe for a few years away from home, and I with my friends in Europe, all decided to play ProjectRO (3/3/2). It consumed us all. I also introduced my little brothers to it and they immediately got hooked. We were all 10-13 years of age at the time, so we didn’t really know what we were doing, other than having fun leveling and exploring deeper in dungeons and unknown maps outside our usual stomping grounds. A particular highlight for me was hunting Angeling and getting a Halo on the first kill. That became my signature equipment from then on.

All of us banded together under a naming system. Every one of us would be named “Black ____”. The blank being an animal or creature. I was an Assassin called Black Cebures. Forgive the misspelling, if you will. Looking back, it seems cute that little me didn’t know the correct spelling. If you saw any players around bearing the Black title, chances are, it was one of us.

We never did much as a guild, and frankly, I don’t even remember what the guild was called. I think we were too low leveled, under-geared, and enamored with grinding levels with each other to care much about the goings on in WoE and other things. I remember when each of us reached 2nd Class, we all congratulated that person on their accomplishment. That’s what I remember. Cheering my friends on. And we all eventually hit our goals to become that Crusader, Rogue, or Hunter. And I’ll always remember bonding with my friends over that.

Eventually, I moved back home. After three years of living abroad, I had to say goodbye to those friends. Today, the internet keeps me in touch with them at the very least, as I watch us all grow as adults, with lives of our own. Sometimes, the friendships you make in real life can be enhanced by sharing in a game. This was one of those games for me. ProjectRO brought us all just a bit closer during that window in our lives. And while we never get that window of time back, I keep those experiences deep in my heart.

This is Black Cebures signing off in 2022.

Love you guys.
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Re: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>
« Reply #47 on: Apr 24, 2022, 04:56 am »
Oh, hello there.  /heh Was just thinking back to the days of ProjectRO and stumbled upon this thread.

And then realized there was more than one page to the thread and I had already replied 8 years ago... I'm getting old.

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Re: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>
« Reply #48 on: Nov 14, 2022, 03:36 pm »
So many recognizable names. I was a level 90ish Assassin under NeoAlliance. I remember stopping by the arena every time my aspd potion ran out and killing random people, except Baku^, he had no calms about blowing gil to kill people. I remember ShockerX taking us in (me,T-34, and my friend, can't remember his character name). Protecting all of Payon castles was a nightmare, I think Shadows helped us more than we did them. I was able to obtain a ghostring card from an OCA, but could never beat basanoviat due to him having donation cards from Project, who "allegedly" bought guitars with. Me and T-34 had a beef with Requiem, but made peace, VVV guild was kos. I remember shadows taking Nami when her guild broke up, but I think we stole her from them.
I lost contact with most of NeoA/NeoR. Last time I saw Eggy, Raita, Daita was in FF14 a decade ago, I stopped playing and they joined Death and Taxes, f*** never bothered to vouch or invite me in  /pif.

I only have this image, its from Himeno, Tokiya?'s little sister. I don't even know how I got it tbh. I hope everyone is doing well. Oh yeah, remember those BR people all wearing blue? lol
<3 Serenity, Spidy sux, I miss Celestial, Time really flies, don't it?
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