ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>

Started by Acura, Apr 25, 2009, 12:35 PM

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I played on ProjectRO / andzRO / Vicious RO as well. Good times. RO turned to s*** later with battlegrounds, and those new gay equips... meh. Sure was fun around 2005 though.


Hey, guys. Casey Jones here. I played on all 3 servers!


Oh CaseyJones. How I remember thee so.


Oh hey it's Bant.  For some reason, I still associate your name with a Bomberman forum signature on ProjectRO.

Ulti kwazi

Just had to reply here and say something :) I was in all of the servers. Probably was known as either Ulti kwazi, kwazistar or Satiety. Fluorite, you sound oddly familiar lol



I played on Project RO as Velius/Derfel (crusader) as leader of eXile and member of Fated Circle if anyone remembers. Was also a co-leader of merfe from eXile and Shadows.


All these names ring a bell, glad to see you all still in the community


~ zecexe is here from ProjectRO ~


Holy s***  /??

How is everyone doin? :)

I'm currently running a Rust server if anyone is interested...

PS - I love how this forum asks RO specific questions for verification purposes... I can't remember anything!


Basanoviat here, leader of Shadows.  Man was a blast playing on ProjectRO.  The WoE was the most fun to be honest.  Holding 5 castles and trying to defend them all was insane. 

Havent played RO in a long time, was just digging up some old memories, definitely found some here.  I remember quite a few of the people in this thread. 

Im not dedicated to much right now, but playing LoL and Smite from time to time until EQ:Next comes out.  Really looking forward to that.


I was also playing on AndzRO2 and ViciousRO. :-)

It's probably the first server where I met Fluorite~!


Holy cow!  I also played on these servers!  Usually as either SeraphKii or CrimsonKii!  MAN I miss those days!!  /sob


I used to play in projectro, through all it's ups and downs. Sure it was a hell of a blast. Would love to reconnect with old guild DesertNightmare :] (kitana are you there?). Btw Nyun here (priest)


Funny thing I found this forum ... I registered only to answer as memories ringed me a bell.

I played on ProjectRO as Shiori/Shiroi.

I remember meeting Velius from the guild eXile .. haha :-)

Also I was a member of the guild Last Hope.


Jesus christ, I recognise some of those character names and guild names. Does anyone know what actually happened to Andz?