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The memories reading through this post /kis2

My brother Bino got me started in this beautiful game on ProjectRO and we played with Faith, Lenx our leader and I took over my brothers VIT knight and Lenx was like a god hahaha.

Tried to copy all his gear but leveling at clock tower high orcs was sooooo slow with 3/3/2 rates so I was always a few levels behind Lenx so I could never beat him in the PVP room because we did the same spells and yea...GG   /heh

Like the title says it was AndzRO after that, the last server that was pre-trans and then ViciousRO happened.

So many memories from pRO with Faith as a knight, EternityRO with Nabz as a sinX.

Trying to re-live the memories by playing 1-2 low pop private servers per year but I do all the standard stuff, sniper, sinx, hp and then I don't see the point in what I'm doing so I just end up quitting, playing solo all the time, maybe that's the problem.

Hope you all are feeling happy in your lives, I'm having my first baby in May (im 32 soon) and I hope all that stuff goes well, woho!

Old screenshots found on Photobucket  /heh






--- Quote from: itako on Jan 29, 2021, 06:49 am ---
LMAO how could I ever forget about that dude. At times I felt sorry for how we owned his butt in pvp.

--- End quote ---

Hahahah Underworld.......He never gave up though!

Velius and Itako, my god  /heh

I remember us being on Ventrilo and I called my mom to the room and she said dirty polish jokes to you guys hahaha.

I have some vague memory that the owner of ProjectRO took the money to buy guitarrs and then the server died? I guess it was on the re-launch which was such a flop. You could change from an Aco to a bard I remember  /heh

GM-Annie banned me for some kind of cheating I remember, but don't quite remember what server it was, but it was really early on. The weird thing was that both me and my brother Bino was in Germany on a holiday with our faither during that time so it felt to me like there were some grudge there? Hahaha I also remember trying to get unbanned etc and I was like 13-14 y/o and so immature and couldn't type a ban appeal  /heh /heh

Later changed name to I R A SWEDISH SINX, during Eternity I think.

Some memorable guilds I were in:

Densetsuno Senshi
That guild with the LK on EuphRO that was crazy good, can't remember, edit: Power was the name of the guild!

People I remember off the top of my head:

Lenx - Faith - Looked up to this giant
Fluorite/Jamie - Faith - Always a friendly person, never heard or experienced anything negative at all with this guy. At first I thought he was a girl, but then Ventrilo happened  /heh
Velius/Itako - My polski brothers haha
Noodles - Densetsuno Senshi - Beautiful personality  /lv
Smokie - Densetsuno Senshi - Just hillarious
k1 - Had some type of issue with this guy, but don't remember what. Maybe jealous that he was good haha.
Omar - Nabz - These guys got priority / special treatment and that hurt my feelings  /heh
Cyrus - Nabz

Like the previous poster said, the servers were:

ProjectRO, AndzRO, ViciousRO, CelestiaRO, EuphRO, EternityRO then I lost count.

Does anyone know a player by the name Geneva Kitsumari? Long lost friend from the AndzRO Era.


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