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ProjectRO was the bomb! Went by Kyu~, Ezeki, and Kyudo there.

which projectRO? the rate 10/10/10 back in 2004 or the ratin 3k/3k/3k back in 2005?

I played on AndzRO multiple times when they opened / closed. Then played ViciousRO when Andz quit and his sub GM took over. ProjectRO also when it was 10/10/10.

Oh mah gawd this thread is old, sorry for posting in it but i just wanted to say it! miss these servers!!  /sob

the 10/10/10 projectRO was my first private server. i think it was back in 2004 or 2005. but i only played on there for 1 month or so and it shut down. Came back in a few month as a 3k/3k/3k server

I almost went to ViciousRO! Whatever happened to the team? Did they all just disappear?


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