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Author Topic: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>  (Read 40894 times)

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Re: ProjectRO / AndzRO / Vicious RO :>
« Reply #45 on: Jan 29, 2021, 06:49 am »
I hope you all are doing well.
Some of the best friends in my life I have met in RO, and projectRO was definitively the pinnacle of the RO experience.
I've lost count how many hours we all have spent in that small PVP arena back then.
So many beautiful memories which I will never forget. Some sweet, some bittersweet but definitely no regrets.
There's one thing you've probably already forgotten about.. The +7 orc hero goggles  /gg sure was worth it just to annoy Baku and other people freaking out because of it

PS. Requiem, I'm pretty sure Renata doesn't miss us as much as we miss her  /heh /kis I think I still have THOSE irc logs somewhere on my old drive.

I even miss that crappy hunter, UnderWorld, from the UnderWorld guild, whose custom guild title was Underworld.
LMAO how could I ever forget about that dude. At times I felt sorry for how we owned his butt in pvp.

Take care guys and cherish those memories because they have defined who we are today. /lv /lv /lv
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