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Bringing this post back from the dead.

Hello everyone. I'm yoshi, krnyoshi, baboyoshi, etc. ending with yoshi. I played projectRO until the end and AndzRO to shortly. I also remember being a GM for a short period of time. I just don't remember if it was pRO or not.

I would usually play with my friend TakingItRough/SuMadre in our guild TheFlamingCunts. I would usually be seen double/triple clienting with ease. I remember before pRO closed, we actually were able to take a few castles shortly, farm Orc Hero to make a Solar God Helm and everyone thought we were hacking.  /heh

A lot of your usernames are very familiar to me. I'm surprised to remember some of you given that my memory is usually terrible. I was in my early teens when I played with you all, but now I'm 29, married, and have a daughter. My how time passed.

I spent a really long time playing on ProjectRO and some on AndzRO.

I was the leader of MIB, the brazilian server on pRO. Too bad our guild didn't last long with the wipes and major bs.

I just remember Requiem because we used to pick on him for being such a prick towards brazilians.


--- Quote from: Requiem01 on Mar 25, 2017, 04:27 pm ---Almost everyone in Shadows and Last Hope has had an impact on me in some way or another aside from the memories we created while pissing literally everyone off in pvp back then. Drin, Baku, Kyu (Yo, Dave), Nikki (sorry for being a little s*** at the time). And on the other side of the spectrum Akisai (Vince!!), Kyun (Cal!!), Henry, Kiwi (Lise!!!). You guys were basically family and were partially the reason I enjoyed playing this game as much as I did.

--- End quote ---

Awww, no mention of me and our battles in PvP. Nikki keeps telling me how you were a little s*** tho every time we come back to the subject of ProjectRO. She probably feels a little bit better knowing that I mostly kicked your donkey in PvP.  /heh

Hey everyone! What an awesome hit of nostalgia this thread has been!

I played on ProjectRO a ton back in the day as a Bard named Ganthero, with the guild Vinco Vici Victum.  One of the few surviving screenshots from that time: ProjectRO Screenshot

Ton of great memories playing RO, being on the ProjectRO server, and making fantastic friends.  Will never forget all of the awesome WoE wars and seeing your flag fly in the city afterwards. 

Had to give this thread a 2020 bump, hope everyone is doing well! :)

super duper long shot.

But I p[played both AndzRO and ViciousRO back in the day.

Was wondering does anyone have the link to the "TheGays" remix of the ultimate showdown.
Wanna hear that song again for nostalgia. 
It was called I think the ultimate ragnarok showdown.


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