Lord Knight Forte, Where Are You?!

Started by MagicalKyunKyunKiku, Mar 09, 2023, 12:12 AM

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To Forte!

I miss your silly self from way back in Eldritch RO. I know not where the winds of time have taken you, and you're next to impossible to find due to not really using Discord, but surely you're out there somewhere. You promised that you'd tank Ifrit one day, while I hardly ever play RO, that's definitely one of the last things I'd like to see before I retire for the game for good. No idea if you'll ever see this or not, but if you do, please just tell me what server you're on and I'll find you! Regardless, I refuse to give up, after all there were so many places you wanted to show me. Next time around, we're definitely doing the Sign quest together, and all the other silly dungeon unlocks. Anyways... Your legend lives on in our small circle of friends, and from time to time your name comes up and I look at that bench in Geffen and think it's not quite as pretty without your knight sitting there. Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll appear out of mid-air like the grand hero you are!

To Everyone Else!

The person I'm looking for primarily plays female characters. They change colors a lot if the server offers it. They love knights, and generally complain that knight is weak as heck compared to lord knight. Their name(s) tend to be simple. Notably, they ardently refuse to use discord as a means of communicating or staying in touch. If this sounds like anyone you know, or you played with Forte back on Eldritch, I'd love to hear about it! Any leads would help in this never ending quest.


Hi. Never heard of that server BUT the entire MO of your friend sounds a LOT like someone I know lol  /heh. 99% chance we are shooting in the dark and going nowhere BUT PM me and I'll see if I know any familiar names (dont want to post false ones accidentally /omg but want to help) and help you contact them if we're lucky. /ok GL :)