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Started by sketchramen, Nov 24, 2022, 04:15 PM

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I played that server for a long long time. Anyone here who also played that server? The original and not the reopened one. It was a super high rate server 999/150 as far as I can remember. WoE damage was x2, DD Stalkers = Acid Terror because I think it hits 2x and TG greatly increase its damage, Professors build really high MDEF (Frigg's Set to make it to +10, very significant because there's no ignore MDEF in that episode yet), SinX most expensive job to build, Paladin Sacrifice type as DD works so well, High Priests' Holy Light was 2 hits (Link+Cookie set), and you were forced to combo with Champions because Asura has a fixed casting time. *sorry if I made a mistake with the details here, my memory sometimes suck

The guilds I can remember were: Royal Flush, Fathom, Reincarnation, Exodus, ResurrectedWingz, Goddess Recreation, and I forgot the others. And I might be overreacting but, it felt like there were a million people during WoEs, because it was overly crowded.

Payon was the buy and sell pubs location. Comodo was like the "Main Hall" where NPCs were. Morroc was the "Duel" map and you do fades because pots were not allowed.

This is ScytheRO: https://youtu.be/uTrXI4gQkag I think Zairik was the admin of this, not really sure.

I just miss the old days and I cant believe it was over 10 years ago lol. It was the best of the highlight of my RO journey. I made a lot of friends here. and I don't have any contact with anyone of them anymore.


i played on scythe, that server had whack headgears

i don't remember what i went by, but i was likely a gunslinger by the name of sux2bu lol

S h o

great server. had a lot of good times
it feels like a lifetime ago