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Oh MattRO players where art thou?

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Dear MattRO Players,

I still miss MattRO mainly because of the fun and interesting people i've met.

People on that server have brought me through a cultural experience and taught me many things.  Although I still have some people on IM programs, they never log on anymore.  If someone knows people who've played on MattRO, please redirect them here!  I miss the server very much.

Yours Truly,
Orange Monk

u can find buddie koldar everywhere xD same with UnknownSoldier

who else were there...

Dano, Pine, Koldar = lunaris

Gatts = FFXI or something

Shadow = quit RO

immortalz (aka 2die4) that 2pac freak - unknown

who else were there?

Samantha, Anna, Cheerios, Wink, Kunk, Aphrodite, Athena, NanuNanu, Marco, Felina?, SHIIIINNNJJIIIIIIIIINNN, SHHHHHHAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, KKKKUUUUUUJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, Whoever else that's not on my list

i joined the damn US Army... =)  got hurt pretty bad...gotta go home and rehab.  turned my knee cap SIDEWAYS in my knee....so chyeah.  i dunno, my myspace has a pic of me here...ill get more up when i get home!


riot = china until the end of the month i guess

heh ghostie how did u get to find us here?


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