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--- Quote from: UnknownSoldier on Mar 26, 2022, 01:28 pm ---I actually decided to give RO a try again for a few weeks a couple years back on NovaRO. Not sure if it was the server, or just playing solo, but it wasn't really my cup of tea. I keep hoping for a good game (read: not Tree of Saviour) to come along and be the spiritual successor to RO, but it never happens v_v

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Too bad all the emulation projects on Tree of Savior died. I think the core of it, like graphics and music and even size of the world are great. Even the mechanical gameplay is great and the class system. But they never really managed to put this into a perfect shell like Ragnarok Online did.

--- Quote from: yC ---Haha Tree of Saviour, I wonder how that one is doing.  It was for many years anticipated to be the RO killer, after the launch I didn't hear much about it.
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Long story short. When it released it was pretty cool, amazing graphics, music and class system. And compared to RO, basically no position lag despite it being rather fast paced.
The main problem of me and many other RO fans was that it was basically 100% linear. It had two quest lines you could switch between but that was about as far as decisions went. And there were some really important drops hidden behind rare instanced drops. So there goes exploration and hi always doing the same thing like all other MMORPGs.
It was still a great game in my opinion. But the linearity of it bothered me (might as well play RO Renewal then lol).

But over times things changed for the worse. In order to fight bots and inflation they completely ruined the game by basically removing(!) the open world aspects of the game and making it slowly fully instanced. They made the instances so hard that no bot could potentially beat them, but that also alienated new players. In the end they went one step further and required endgame gear to even join the instances, completely locking out new players from the game.

Then they were like "hmm we don't get any new players, so the remaining 100 need to pay for the servers" and started heavy gacha where even veterans were locked out of the game if they didn't invest at least $500 per month.

Another thing I really hated was that they started these daily events were you were basically forced to play every single day for an hour or so, just so you don't miss out on something important.

Guys I can't believe some of you are still on here. I made an account to share with you some love. I was the original owner of this server and was just looking through some old files and came across this place, I can't say more than enough about how impressive it is to still stay in contact with some old veterans of the server. I really want to say how I randomly been missing some old friends, you all are no exception I remember almost every player on that server and wish I still had some of the old database files to possibly have some kind of connection to old players but it's as far as I know long lost (unless I run across an old burned backup DVD I made back in the day which is unlikely as I've had my house burn down since D:)

Anyways, I've been just hanging in there, nothing crazy about me has really changed since the start of the server, I mean other than what has it been 15 or 20 years since the start? I think the server was officially opened in 2003 so coming on 20 years now if I remember. Hope to hear from you guys, anyone will do, it's been kinda lame not having an outlet to keep friends together like I did with the old server in MattRO but feel free to find me in any other game I play, I always try to use the name mattaspira so you can search for me basically any game I play and I'll have that account setup been like that for years.

Would be nice to know some of you all are still alive lol. Mainly some of my now distant friend Heehaw, Riot, Aura, NBK, UNK Soldier, Kamaniki, Ghostie, as well as everyone else I honestly miss the good old days of RO. To be honest, I sat in Prontera so many of my highschool days responding to peoples issues in game, as well as hosting events, and programming code for the Athena server scripts I ran to this day; when it's too quiet around and I listen hard enough in silence the main theme of that city can still be heard lol. It's perma-burned in my brain to replace silence hah. That's probably just too much now though, I'll try to check and see if anyone else is out there 20 years later. (:

Ha, so after that many years, the final boss Matt shown up.  You are as rare as Koldar (did I spell this right?), he also popped into my discord a while ago.  Don't have much memory of playing the game with you since you were the admin, mostly hear stories of you from Riot.  Thanks for dropping by to complete the picture xD


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