Started by Cyclohexane, Jun 06, 2008, 08:52 PM

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A long time ago, I once played, GMed, and became a big part of the community of a server called MoeRO. This server started off as a very small High Rate server, but eventually grew into a population crisis that even caused a  country (the Phillipenes, I think) to ban traffic to MoeRO. After a long while, probably two years, of playing on that server, I finally left, and things started to simmer down, and finally wear out for MoeRO. Four years later, me and a friend, Sorretil, are looking for those regulars of MoeRO which include: vApor, UltimaZero, Maya-chan, Megumi, Rikku, Aeternyth, Xenofury, and whoever you might know who played on this server. I appreciate all information you guys have.



good to find ya!

even though ur post is a year old.. hopefully you see this. :D


Its Tiger, remember me? =] Im runnin a server now, come check it out if you still


Does anyone know me? :D


moeRO was Amazing

any1 remember STO guild?
wish I could find a server as good as moeRO was
no donation, no stupid custom itens
very ballanced playing
miss moeRO
Maya, Itachi, UZ, Hiiro, Neclord, Ishimaru Takumi, vApor, Tsunade, many others i cant remember atm

by the way
send my an HELLO who remember me
[email protected]

love you ppl
miss you so much


omg wtf !!!
i remember this server!
i was a long time player of this server starting in MoERO v2 i think
and i also GM'ed the server during its last few months.

cyclohexane, aka, and vapor i remember all you guys :3
i remember aka was the cool malay high priest xD

actually tiger i think i might remember you too o__o if i remember correctly you were a newer player but i still think i remember seeing you on alot, possibly on a sinx ?

i had so many characters on that server that i cant remember what names people remember me by..
my names were but not limited to aaroshiz, SylusZ, Ketchup, LiL Layzie, Reiki or Rei-Kun and a whole bunch of others that i cant remember.
OH but my GM name was Oratachi.

wasnt it almost 7 years ago now that this server went down?
so cool to see you guys :3  MoERO was a big part of my life and its cool to see some of you still around !!

edit. does anyone remember playing o2jam with the moero crew ???  xD


sure it did great part of many ppl life
i was workin in a cyber caffe when I instaled it
soh all the guys there created the guild STO's

I was Gandalf - high wizz and Arngrim - monk
we also had
In Flames - sniper
bahamut - monk
Cerberus - sinx and monk

i dont remember all the guys right now
we played till the last day of MoeRO
maybe you guys remember our guild symbol