MobRO, EtherealRO, LegacyRO, EternityRO, LuminaRO, DestinaRO

Started by Kouske, Aug 15, 2023, 02:26 AM

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Been about 15 years since Ive touched RO
My main chars were normally


Oh yeh i was aZn_TaCTiX on Ethereal and Mobro

Everyone just called me Nimo

Guild: Zenkai; Squirrel Mafia
Searching for lost friends we server hopped through together.
Honestly can not remember their IGN's as we used to keep contact via MSN messenger and lost connections since msn shut down.

Most of the times we always bump back into each other on different servers.


I remember playing some of those servers in Zenkai as well. Didn't really use the same IGN from server to server but we ran in a group with priest/bard/wizard in all those servers. Iirc the wiz used Sappho in all of them. I definitely recall playing with you in either mob or legacy, unless I mixed up my server names since I haven't been playing for 10+ years either.


I played a lot of EtherealRO(used to be called something else, right? can't remember the name right now) with my guild SHIN-RA. I was Marche, a 86 Hunter (funny enough my FFTA Marche was also a Ranger, sometimes Ninja). Sadly my friend group split up after some e-dating drama between a few of them and I lost their contacts due to MSN Messenger going under. Hope you find your friends.


yeah they called it DiscoveryRO after the moibcat40 / fallen angle drama