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m i r a g e guildies: AndzRO/DerRO/ViciousRO/CelestiaRO...LegacyRO?


Heya RO players, I don't really have one single name that I've stuck with but my adventure began around the tail end of AndzRO as DiasTheCreator. Back then I was a complete oddball noob who was recruited into a chill rag-tag guild called "m i r a g e". Other names I have used throughout AndzRO/DerRO/ViciousRO/CelestiaRO includes Maxima[1-2], Enix, Anjuna & plopl. The days of k1 soloing your emperium in WoE are still seered into my brain.  /wah

Recently delved into the rabbit hole of RO memories and was wondering if there are any "m i r a g e" guild lurkers out there or anyone that knows them. From wot I remember we played on a few servers such as AndzRO/DerRO/ViciousRO/CelestiaRO, maybe another one or two such as LegacyRO?  /hmm

The guild was ran by a few Filipino brothers from Nevada who had a variety of in-game names such as; Keiji, Kita, Kagami, Kouii, Keji Nuu, Moogle, Kurokami & nicknames such as geno/jun/tom (a friend of theirs?).
Any info would be appreciated or stop by if you have played in one of the servers mentioned above, thanks!

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