Lost friends, from iRO and nRO

Started by Sentaku, Sep 17, 2006, 01:47 AM

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I've lost touch with my great friend from iRO =\ he was one of my very first friends on the server, Chaos. One of the main nicks he used was WindWaker, but he later moved to pservers =x and I lost touch. My name on Chaos was Nekogal and Shi's Doa (that he knew me by) so >< even though I doubt he'd see this... maybe someone else may have seen someone named WindWaker on a server they've played =x.

Also, on nRO I lost three very good friends when I left there. One's name was Sasuke/Mamoru he was one of my best friends, and knew me by the name of Sentaku, Shi's Umi, and Shi's Doa. Another was Hadriel and his brother. They sort of dissapeared somehow.

I hope at least one of them finds this post someday.