Started by Ness, Jan 22, 2012, 05:46 PM

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Bring it back. I def remember Cerion!



Quote from: Ness on Jan 22, 2012, 05:46 PM
For those who miss the drama the e-drama, the corruption, Minimog, BRS and Russians, TSO > all...


Zomg, i miss eRO so much, all the players.. best guild was Destiny, D2 and the others :D

Lol ness, i rmber when u wanted to quit, u upgraded all ur stuff, +9 immune muffler, xD

I will post some screenies when i am home :p


Quote from: Alkory on Jun 23, 2012, 03:03 PM
Hey one of the Blackheart here, my IGN was Alkor and the others guys were Agutrop, Akasha, Aghanin and later we had Adarklan, all with Blackheart in the end of the name. We had a guild in the beggining of Destiny-RO but it didn't work out so we moved to Destiny, so yea we are not the founders of destiny, that guild was international all along =)

Wasn't TrancsedentHope ( D2 / DeeTwo ) Canadian ? And Lord Stanley Britain ? 


Quote from: NitroHeal on Sep 10, 2012, 01:33 PM
Wasn't TrancsedentHope ( D2 / DeeTwo ) Canadian ? And Lord Stanley Britain ? 

Both Canadian, it definitely was an international guild though. I think we had every continent covered except Antarctica.


I've played RO on and off for almost a decade since first playing on eth. Been in a lot of guilds, like a lot a lot, but nothing comes close to what we had in TSO.

Good times.


Quote from: deeppocketjim on Jan 24, 2012, 03:45 AM
you guys forget that tso didn't become viable until much later in the server's life. ciel got lucky with a dark lord and that's how they really got started i think. destiny (BRs) dominated a while and quit out of boredom :<

edit: oh and, emperium was a huge tool hahah

OMG haha yes I remember Ciel AFKing at sunken ship everytime i was about to kill some hydras xD how long has it been? about 9 years?


Was talkin about this server with just about the only gamer I still keep in contact with from way back when. We had a FB group, pretty sure we still do, if anyone wants the info.


Discovery was my first server. Aptly named, seeing as I had no clue how to play, but enjoyed exploring and discovering every nook and cranny of Rune Midgard.

Eventually switched over to Revenge shorty before it was shut down, then played the entirety of it's short-lived resurrection.

My fondest RO memories are from these servers. No question about it.


Rumour has it Ciel is still in sunkenship somewhere in a server far far away