Hey Wolf! It's Pandog.

Started by Azulon, Nov 01, 2013, 08:46 AM

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I'm looking for a friend of mine who I met on iHeartRO. He goes by as Wolf but he's also known as Ernesto.
We haven't been able to communicate for more than 4 months now and it's mostly due to my old skype being unused. And I don't even know if he still uses his skype, but I hope he checks RMS every now and then!

Anyways, We played together on MorningRO and a few other servers we had jumped to together. And it'd really be very awesome if we're able to play together again.

Hey Wolf if you see this. (and I hope you do) Open your skype!
And if there are MorningRO players who know a guy named Wolf/Ernesto, please tell him about this post. Thank you!
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