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11x/11x/11x server. It was a great server in the good ol' days, but as many people know it got REALLY corrupt before its shut down. I played there for about 2 years (give or take.). My main characters were Nakora (high wizard female) and DEvyn (creator male). I was in the guilds Syndicate, Mafia, Spartans, and Legendary. Love em' or hate em' if you know me I would like to hear from you and see what you have been up to since gRO.

I played on that server i remember all those guilds still. Those were good ol times when Heero was a gm and run the server :)

It was a quaint little server when I played there. Heero originally split from acRO and a few of us started on his own server. No matter which server I hopped around I always played gRO at the end of the day. I do remember Syndicate and Mafia somewhat.

I just recently picked up RO again. Whatever happened to gRO?

I don't know i sometimes talk to heero though but i haven't mentioned the server i guess he didn't wanted to run a server anymore i played gRO since it first started 5 years ago maybe those 5 years were enough for him

I played gRO back when it still had two servers. A lowrate 3x 3x 3x and a midrate (forgot the rates for this one). Short after it became 11x 11x 11x, I left.

My in game name was: Ducky

Back when I played gRO it was corrupt also, but nobody knew:) Wont go into detail there:p I loved it when Joker held events, god he was so evil:P


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