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I played on the server, don't know if you remember me, I was called Pato, used to play with my friend Hero (not Heero).

We and a few members of gotRO moved to ReboundRO which opens today =D

... I'm not sure why I'm even replying but I will anyway.

I miss (and I do mean really miss) a lot of people from this server. That's all I want to say.

When did you guys play? With the 11x rates or when there were still two servers?

I miss a lot of people from that server also D:

I remember you pato you were in the angels of might with dark hammer and my cousin a sniper who was called jack i think.Also Flip the GM? man I remember you man those were the good old days.

Haha hey i remember this! I downloaded the whole client(which was big!:/) and got a few stuff from people. I missed this server lol. ~


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