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Hmmm...anyone here from that server that I was friends with? Im interested in what server most of you moved to since he closed the server.

Seems pretty much late like a late reply but, most of the people from eRO moved to a server I recently made, I, myself was a part of eRO since the begining, server keeps growing slowly and 98% of the community are eRO some old players and some old ones too. If you're still looking for it just let me know.

Let me in on that server as well. I am the god-like-sexy Jing (the original(best) jing, not xeno or rinki) from revenge. I've followed Artemis to a few of those servers he picked out and the all turned out to be crap (lol featherRO?)

And if you ever read this artemis, get on msn/aim sometime.

Edit: who were you on revenge Apologized? Were you also there since beta?

Not beta but begining id say, a few days before d set came in, was Reanimation back then.

Here's my server info link:

Contaisn everything you need.

whatsup ^___^, this is RetroRocket reporting in, its been awhile since i seen you guys, ethereal-revenge was one of my favorite servers drop me a line if any of you want to stay in contact


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