To me, my Cerulean Knights.

Started by Great Justice, Jul 21, 2023, 05:32 PM

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Great Justice

Our private forum is long gone, with essenceRO gone as well, but I thought I would put this post here in case any of you are still lurking around.
On essenceRO I was known as Juste, bemasked wizard, leader of the Cerulean Knights guild, and avid user of CAPSLOCK.
Nostalgia has spurred me to reach out and see if any of my wayward friends are here. Are you well? Are you still adherring to your noble duties? Does any of this sound familiar?
I'll try to, and have for a few of you, reach out to you all among other means as well if you'll have it.

Truly you were the greatest of them all, my brave knights.
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