EvolveRO Concrete guild RO picnic?

Started by Leuku, Aug 05, 2013, 04:12 AM

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First off, sorry if this isn't the right place to put this.

Hey Concrete! Tis Leuku. I had a helluva time getting ta play with ya on eRO! It was short, but it was sweet.

What with recent events, it seems I won't be seeing you guys as much on eRO, so how about we have a nice Picnic in game?

A last, nice "Hurrah!" Super Novice and I would really like to spend one last time as a guild having fun.

There will be plenty of consumables (Juice quest, Sushi, etc), and I hope you'll bring your dancers and bards. I love their music.

Bring any stockpiled OBBs and OPBs, too! Let's open them together! (You'll NEVER guess what I got from OBBs today; hint, Super Novice's response to my drop was "IMPOSSIBRU!").

It'll be in Amatsu, beneath the cherry blossom trees.

I'll even open my Taming Gift set, something I'm betting very few of you have even heard of!

A celebration for the fun times had and for the future to come!

I hope you get back to me.




It isn't the right place because it's not eRO forum.

And yeah I'm assuming both of you are eRO players and going to do the said event on eRO. Unfortunately, this is not eRO's forum.


*moved the topic*

Well, Leuku is trying to get into touch with his lost friends for a final good time so I don't see any problem with this being at the long lost friends section.