Finding Forte

Started by Mullciber, May 29, 2024, 08:47 PM

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I've put it off for too long. If anyone can help me track down the brave knight Forte, who doesn't use discord/social media and is a fashion guru, I'd appreciate it.


Any specific info about him/her?  /hmm 
A person who loves the classic and pre-renewal closed-to-official server experience.


She mostly plays knight characters, and likes to talk in character most of the time! Usually pretty vocal, she makes friends quickly and is a household name on servers she plays.  /lv



I met her at Hata no KokoRO, but she disappeared in like 1-2 weeks


Hey mate,

She's playing on Project Sunshine.
You can contact me ign 'KevVv' So i can get you 2 linked togheter.

(Also she says hi :D)