Finding Forte

Started by Mullciber, May 29, 2024, 08:47 PM

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I've put it off for too long. If anyone can help me track down the brave knight Forte, who doesn't use discord/social media and is a fashion guru, I'd appreciate it.


Any specific info about him/her?  /hmm 
A person who loves the classic and pre-renewal closed-to-official server experience.
Classic mRO 1x/1x/1x - Classic server Episode 6. Using latest rAthena emulator without modifications.


She mostly plays knight characters, and likes to talk in character most of the time! Usually pretty vocal, she makes friends quickly and is a household name on servers she plays.  /lv



I met her at Hata no KokoRO, but she disappeared in like 1-2 weeks


Hey mate,

She's playing on Project Sunshine.
You can contact me ign 'KevVv' So i can get you 2 linked togheter.

(Also she says hi :D)