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Author Topic: Looking for long lost or new friends to get back into RO  (Read 2433 times)

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Offline ForestFire

Hello there.

As the title suggests, after reading the guidelines in this thread and to abide but what it states, that I should be looking for long last friends that may only be half true, I am also open to looking for new friends to start playing a new server together, which we/us can collectively decide. So if you have been just like me, lurking ratemyserver but never actually having the motivation to start on a new server because of the uncertainty of what the server would actually be like, let’s make that mistake together!

Servers I’ve played on before were Nameless, Woon, Limit and many other short lived ones, and I’ve haven't played now in almost 6 years, which comes to my most important point that I’m really looking for a bunch of good friends, that most  importantly are just into enjoying a laid back playing style but still fairly active whenever we are off work or simply when actual obligations in real life are done. To relive those amateur days of deciding who plays what  role and making those same rookie mistakes in those good old days now in our adulthood again. If this sounds like you, PM me! We could set up a discord  to decide where to set up shop.

And lastly if anyone remembers me, I went by the same handle in different variations of course on all those servers, hit me up.

Forest Fire
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