Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Server closed a while ago due to the fact that the admin couldnt keep up with his bills (because no one was donating anymore)

Lookin to see if anyone from that server is still out there. I miss my friends  :'(


I'm from QRO. i played on there for somethign like 3 years. best server ever it was.


Quote from: mikka on Dec 28, 2007, 07:49 PM
Hey There ;)

My server QualityRO, will open in 2 weeks or less. It will be non transd, max level 99 max stat 99, do donation items, only donation dugneons and aura's and small things, It will be in the rate of 10/10/3, I already got loads of people to join, please keep browsing thing post, I will update you on my server.

Is this your former server admin?


No, the real qRO's admin was Raveux.

I'm from qRO, though. I had a wizard named Ohforfsake, a monk named Otogorath, and various other characters with names like ChibiTails, Chites, Badukensho, and PointyStickThrower.


its been so long since ive played q-ro
if you are an Og player
do you remember the guild Yurokage? or the guild Leader Mestr?

I was in that guild with a sniper: Yurakari
and a Lord Knight: Crusiux


yea im from qro(hr) n_n
my ign was easter and heres my msn [email protected]
add me we can talk ther i guess :P

thats not the real qro just a faker i guess cos qro never had donation dungeons and would hav never had em if it hadnt closed and also qro's admin was raveux


I've made a server for people from qRO, I myself was from there, but yeah, all qRO people go to


Ooo Hello Everyone ^_^ I was just passing by, I am thinking of bringing that server back~ Everyone who use to play there, please go to irc:// or #QualityRO. We have big excpectations, I wrote a topic about this in server seeking, please read it if you wish, I'd love to see everyone from qRO back, I also missed the server by far.



I used to play qRO but then I wandered away because of personal reasons :p


I will play, when server will be up :)

But what really happend to the qRO that was close?


Raveux is planing open again Q-RO but maybe not with the same name....this q-ro is a fraud
Check This Post


That rave is a fraud lulz. His personality is way different from the qRO rave.

I was the Coach on HR // had a 99 champ named Citrate on LR



Demaemochi (former q-ro forum mod) and I were playing on LotusRO, but now we're looking to move again. >.< Imma have to show him this thread later.


Well, I was on for a year or two, I'm sure nobody has heard of me, but I play high rate.

MelodiousNocturne was my clown.

CiaphasCain was my champ

Keva was my stalker....


Oh dear lord, I remember playing on qRO about 3 years ago. Good times. Gosh I miss so much from there, I played on the high rate server. Eh. I was known by MANY names. My main was WhipCream, the creator. I wasn't much of a PvPer or Woe person, I usually ran up to random people and talk to them. Lawlz. Jeez, I had a couple other known characters like, Beldaran, IceCream, Kaia, ChocolateMilkshake...

Good times. I hope I could find some of the people I used to hang out with all the time. We all kind of lost touch. :(