Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Any other qRO people here? Join us on discord. We are bored. D:


Quote from: damned2 on Aug 07, 2018, 05:01 PM
Any other qRO people here? Join us on discord. We are bored. D:

Thanks! it's about time we chat with the Qro community of yore. I really miss them.


I definitely remember people's names and people reference very prominent people from qRO. I probably played for 3-4 years? on this server. I only started thinking about this as the mobile version came out and I was thrown with nostalgia. I played LR and I made a lot of friends who I couldn't keep in contact because msn isn't a thing anymore and I didn't keep anyone's contact lol.

My characters were HP (Hilios) and creator/biochem which was my main, Light of Hope. I was fairly young compared to a lot of people when I was playing like 12-15 years old lol, but I remember making some really good friends and also wanted to share thanks for the good memories!

If anyone remembered KSers, Iwas part of that, AA for a bit, then mostly INF and random small guilds with old players. I had several friends from ArchAngel, DFK, PBR, etc. Hope you guys remember me haha!

And if anyone one of you guys play the mobile version, I recently started.  /ok


Any more people from qRO? We'd love to have you on our discord server. Please join :


Quote from: Woo Nam on Nov 20, 2011, 06:37 PM
Worst high wiz on qRO

Even worse druid
Piss off, Woo Nam! You're so mean, hateful and disrespectful. That's not something to be proud of.
Good times Btw! ^_^



The other day I was thinking about this server.
I was GM Harvester in HR; I remember organizing daily pvp events. It was so fun to be part of the community.
I was also a Lvl 98 priest in LR (DFK Guild).
Good ol' memories...