Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Passed already 2 years, and I until now feel the force of my champion with a turtle general.. qro named the fairy-tale server of,no many so did not have time there to play...
Now quite another life and as heavy as lead and it is sad to go back to flashbacks...
Im too from qRO ;) Champ xXLampardxX from Ukraine
I have played in Rock Rhymz guild with my brother Clown "Choy" - the best guild ever i have , and the best Guild master is Ian "Ridz" ...
I remember my best friends there is of cource riduz,toofasttoostrong,soasin and others very good ppl )
I drop down ro,but this time, approximately 5 years , gives thoughtful where this years went away and on what...


Can't remember but I think I was Shoko as a stalker for a bit... and left pretty early without much game playing there.


im BabyJumskie in q-ro the guildmaster of FoxHound guild hope you remember am waiting for Qro to reopen again coz that the best server i ever play in ragnarok and i enjoy playing on it....if ever Qro will be back pls post in this forum..tnx and god bless...


good times, use to play on that server, for about 2-3 years, best server i've ever been on  :D  i had a high wizard, name was Delaxroix, creator named S o r a, and Champ named BonBon. is Rav, or Frosty re-opening Qro?? Anyone know??


Hi every1 this is Yuianne GM of Oracle GUild at QRO HR I hope ther r still some old players there when the server reopens...

Baby Jumpskie still remember me?? ^_^


i remember playing QRO :D I got banned for swearing at the GM though...


So you guys are here. I was wondering where qRO players hang out. qRO indeed was the best. No item donations and no edited monster cards. I was always in Pvp(with pots).Woe was the best, and pvp events. Soasin, hmm I think you know me. I worked hard in qRO to get my rare cards but as I already completed all of it after a month it wiped. No more thanatos, valkyrie randgris, HP card and LK card. I hope it re-opens and become stable.

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I registered here just to post here :P qro was the best damn server ever! Really it had something special, people played even in lag or bad periods, even till the last day. I will keep it forever in my heart, really, it could seem a bit nerd lol but no xD
I play RO sometimes now in some random server... on qRO I was Makisuke or Turtuli.. but I had a lot of charachters because Souther gave me a lot of accounts xD (I had Aran Calaelen/i like blood account too, not from Souther xD)
Good times on Hesperiae Domini and Forbidden Glory.. and in the last weeks in Fairy Tales :D they were really nice
Is there a server where a lot of old players play now? :D

Captain Killjoy

I've also played qRO for about 2-3 years. Yes, it really was the best damn server out there. I was very disappointed when I came back from vacation to find that it had closed. :<

My character names there were CaptainKilljoy (Paladin and leader of the Perverts United Guild.) and Arikou (Professor). Can't remember the others. It's been too long. Shortly after qRO had closed, I opened my own server. Had it running for about 2 years, but sadly, it's also closed now.

I'm very interested in knowing if there is a server where a lot of old qRO members hang out as well, it would be great to see some old friends!



Uhm im running my own server now and most of my players is came from qRO (Old) not the (New) qRO xD
but im not sure if you know them! If you want to know then feel free to join  :)



I played on the old qRO when it only had around 50 people. I remember the epic WoE's and guild rivalry. It was fun but sadly the staff did it to themselves by closing the server. I played there for around 3 years or so. Started my old guild and I miss it much but now I'm running my own server so I wouldnt have time to go back even if they did open again.

If anyone remembers "The Haunted" please message me =)


I was an event GM on qRO for about a year. I now opened my own server and I hope to attract most people from qRO to mine together with new people. I remember some of you guys btw ^^.

New international server!! Rates: 25x25x10x3 - Antagonist system - Endless Tower -  Guildhalls - Alliance chat system - Much more - Check us out!!


Does anyone of you know Rock Rhymz (RR) Guild? Or Reborn and PISO? xD


yeah i was there too. been a while but the best server i've been in. if you ever stepped out geffen's left gate and got super buffed that was my character, can't even remember his name now... ;D