Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Quote from: BabyDeluxeGirl on Jun 09, 2015, 03:16 AM
i played on qRO HR i dont remember so much i had lot of classes but i played mostly with my Paladin i think her name was BabyDeluxeGirl, i was all the time in the PvP Arena sitting there and kill all my enemies. I dont Remember the Guild i was, my best friend there was a Champ named roBOT and the leader of our Guild was named Silver and pwned Ressurection by taking the Castle :D
OH s***! the guild was revolt. qro had such a good community. i miss playing with you guys :(


Quote from: StarsGazer on May 16, 2016, 09:34 PM
I cant believe that, even tho 10 years have passed since the major holocaust, people still googles for this server.

There goes, screens I took from awakening's forum :

feeling nostalgic?
wonder if qRO could be brought back.

wow awakening..but I think woeing with pbr/aa/flatline vs dfk was more intense /slur


Best LR ever made on RO history!
Miss this soo much.
Please, someone revive q-RO.... this server needs a second chance!


Quote from: XenoX on Aug 04, 2017, 06:18 PM
Best LR ever made on RO history!
Miss this soo much.
Please, someone revive q-RO.... this server needs a second chance!

Yes i cry every time that server is mentioned. Hard times fell when it was gone. GM Kakashi, GM Cheeseman. ThePantsuUnited Guild. There can be no greater server.


Quote from: roBOT on Jul 26, 2017, 05:48 PM
OH s***! the guild was revolt. qro had such a good community. i miss playing with you guys :(

OMG ROBOTTTTTT YOU ARE HERE hahahahahaa this is so awesomeeeeee how are youuuu Do you remember i called you Danny Trejo because you look like him with your long hair hahahaha yeh it was Revolt that was the best time i had playing in qRO with you all you were my best friend in the game


Quote from: keeface on Aug 26, 2016, 01:04 PM
Man I miss the good old qRO days, I used to play on HR, ign was OrochimaruSama (champ)

Few guilds I remember were
SoulSociety - Players : IchimaruGin GM, roBOT
Revolt-  Avalonstar, Tomox, Xyshin?
Bliss - Jenn, Tooldealer(Beau)
There was a BR guild, LazyPonies - Peter and Brian were brothers who were the guild master/officer of it.
Lily, Teddie, ChampRobb, Many DNAngels people when i first joined HR, Like Haku, Risa etc.
Best thing about qRO was the PvP

There was one champ called TriggerBounty who literally dueled like 5 champs on one, was great fun.
I remember it was a time where stalkers could strip, jt.. Champs could 1 hit ko cause there wasn't a ghostring card introduced and they had the best pvp maps. WoE was amazing fun too.
I miss you guys and now that i'm 26 and all caught up in life, i'm glad I get to remember gaming with a quality bunch of people like the qRO community.

omg I remember you lol you killed me alot of times in the PvP when i was a newbie with your champ, everytime you killed me I had to call my brother lol he played a champ too I think his name was Squall or something like that and he were able to fight you omg i miss the time. I also remember the Guild Akatsuki I had a good friend there but I forgot his name he quit qRO and started to play WoW


Quote from: wpcarlos on Jun 14, 2015, 05:13 AM
I played the HR one with my sister. She had around a thousand bloody branches but won't care for riches, so I took like a hundred pieces from her, them all up in the private rooms in Morocc, and got myself many biomvp cards. NOW the bitter moment I remember is when a guild ( i think it was Resurrection? ) set me up and scammed me, so I lost valuable cards like Lord Knight, Whitesmith, etc.

I was young and foolish then, and didn't know any better, but I still remember the pain that day.

I remember you too I think we talked about that Ressurrcetion betrayed you and stole the cards :) btw I stole from ressurrection a lot of rare cards too like valkyrie and thanos and the lord knight and smith ect niahahahaha  /no1

Crash Override

The best server ever  /gg

sad ragnarok is dead  /omg


Heyyy It's Kaito here.
I was Lord Knight in the War Dragons guild, Low Rate.
I miss you all!
Saudade da porra galera  /kis
Quem quiser contato, me manda um email: [email protected]!
Aqui tem um vĂ­deo com uma das guerras:



I miss qRO like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. We should all just dedicate to joining one server and take over WoE like the old days.  /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /kis


One of the best HR servers out there? I joined here once upon a time while I was playing quite well on the official server due to pressure from my friends that they reached 99 in a few hours. It was fun for the time I played and the custom wings looked good on most of the reborn sprites. Those were the days when I started to play on couple of HR private servers like Quality RO and Nameless RO and enjoyed for a bit. Nevertheless I went back on official server cuz it was too good when I got to earn some millions of zeny and purchased better gear.


If someone open a server like Q-ro, i would play It w/o think twice.


I used to play on qRO for the guild Dynasty. The first and best ragnarok online server! Shout out to Global Brother, seyyy, Sinxelt, Nightmare, Asdfjkl, Ruin, BadFish, Cursed Soul, and Tazuji. I miss you guys and I wish i could find my old teammates. You guys taught me so much about teamwork and how to play this game well :)!


hi guys i remember alot of you!!
over 10 years ago i was playing on qro lr server with some chars:
Daruu - sniper
Hund - Star Gladi
Merenya - creator
and some more i cant remember :)
i remember beeing in one of the top guilds but cant remember the name :(
played alot of pvp and was sitting around in geffen
good memories :)