Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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was a fun server :> really liked the lowrate. never played the HR though.


i played that server long ago. with my friends/guildmates Onslaught was the name of the guild.


I Played that server with my guildmates Onslaught


Noidy, AKA The Noid, where are youuuuuuuu?  /sob

Back in the Day in qRO I was in KSers. I main'd my HP, Zoidberg.


Hey I'm from qRO too!

Ahhh those were the days..

I'm not a famous player though. I just want the thrills I get from the non-OP PVP.

I remember some players like FenrisFenrir, Avalon, and, ahh can't remember them all.

How I wish this server will be registered as a trademark, and will be available forever haha!

Shout-out to my Batangas, Philippines friends to whom I played with before. :)

Son Bokutia

I used to play qRO too!
For quite some years, mainly lr.

Son Bokutia was my main character (sniper), Smexy me was my hr character, lol.
I played in guild like Dynasty, PBR and the DMC (i think it was)

I also shared a character with a friend of mine: Plz is not a word.
He was in Arch Angels.

Super Dealer (ws), Shunter (sniper), Jaina (leader of AA) are some names that I remember.


I cant believe that, even tho 10 years have passed since the major holocaust, people still googles for this server.

There goes, screens I took from awakening's forum :

feeling nostalgic?
wonder if qRO could be brought back.


Woaaah qRO!! played it before! Good times mate! I was RetroNito


OMG! I remember Q-RO alot. It's the first MMORPG is played when I was 10 and when I started i could barely understand any english (only dutch as I'm from the netherlands).

I remember this guild which had all kinds of nice people in it called Last Hope. and.... TOAST!~. We used to sit in Gonryun and just chat. Some dude Lord Craven was in the guild aswell and wanted to marry me.

I first started with a male account as my brother didn't want me to have a female account as he was (over)protective of me. But I eventually ended up with an HP as a main called mysticflower? I can't remember the name. Anyone remembering me? It was a nice time.

And afterwards i think i spend some time with a dude called Kazimir (or something like that)


2k21 Return


:D first online game i ever played and damn it was addictive, such nice people! and a good mix of origins too :O.I had charecters Kashie (sinx) Kagali and blissy (high priest). I was in the Promised Land guild with JossVii(WHERE ARE YOU DUDE? /sob!), JoshX, Romee, Alexander and darkyin who i loved so much so many fun times T^T if any of them see this come find me :D.  My sis also played alot more and longer than me, Chamira a Creator.  /no1


Quote from: guruLK on Dec 03, 2015, 03:31 PM
Oh my god. Good old times. Saw Ragnarok the animation again a few days ago and suddenly remembered the fun we had on Q-Ro.
My main was a Lord Knight on LR with name "guru" in the guild PBR (Powered by rice). Are there any old mates? Maybe from the old german Morroc Crew ;P

BTW I found an old Guild-Header of PBR with group-picture (see attachment) :D

OMG! dude that guild! We all remember the Pantsu United Guild it was the only guild i loved joining and chatting with the fans. Till this day i still wish they brought it back.


Wow.. its been about 10 years now.
Remember alot of names in here! Also remember you StarsGazer (:



Man I miss the good old qRO days, I used to play on HR, ign was OrochimaruSama (champ)

Few guilds I remember were
SoulSociety - Players : IchimaruGin GM, roBOT
Revolt-  Avalonstar, Tomox, Xyshin?
Bliss - Jenn, Tooldealer(Beau)
There was a BR guild, LazyPonies - Peter and Brian were brothers who were the guild master/officer of it.
Lily, Teddie, ChampRobb, Many DNAngels people when i first joined HR, Like Haku, Risa etc.
Best thing about qRO was the PvP

There was one champ called TriggerBounty who literally dueled like 5 champs on one, was great fun.
I remember it was a time where stalkers could strip, jt.. Champs could 1 hit ko cause there wasn't a ghostring card introduced and they had the best pvp maps. WoE was amazing fun too.
I miss you guys and now that i'm 26 and all caught up in life, i'm glad I get to remember gaming with a quality bunch of people like the qRO community.


Quote from: Cheshire on Jan 26, 2012, 02:02 PM
I miss QRO =(

and @valisHD - Im still im contact with Pantsu's leader :D

Really? We need to catch up on that.