Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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aaah the good old qRO. Its been a while indeed.
Lots of those names that just came by sounded so familiar, so lets just post another name that some people might still know ;)

Twinky, and everything made up with that same name.


Quote from: Woo Nam on Nov 20, 2011, 06:22 PM
Best stalker on qRO reporting in
^ this guy was a noob, almost worse than that guy with the rudra bow. =P

ACTUAL best stalker (Frank) reporting in. I was part of The Haunted and a bunch of other guilds and was also the guild leader of The Masters of Deception. I recognize a lot of the names here. =D

Btw nostalgia trip for Supah/Woo Nam/whoever else was in MoD: qRo WoE - MoD owns PBR I don't know whose youtube acc that is but I remember Meanie took a lot of vids so let me know if you find more.


i really miss q-ro,that best server ever,
i want play it with my all my friends again


Yo ppl. I played RO for enough time, so I know many of guild names and chars... best LR/HR server ever, period. I have never been the best player, I used to chat more than play in fact. But those 4 years were the best of my gaming life.

I am a BR player, yes some of us were simply suckers in qRO, as some of many other players from many other nationalities... but I really dont care, its game and its meant to be played. I got some ss, hope you guys enjoy!

There's Malice, and some other pals... some x-mas event from what I can remember (ORLY???)

Daileon never managed to be a 99 champ... but he remains as a memory from my childhood (Jaspion for those who doesnt know...)

Guild vs Guild event. Dont ask me who was on the other side! I believe the video is still on youtube.

The man behind it all.

Sunglasses [1], must love it

Having fun

WoE at its best

Since I started playing I was hoping to get a SGH on a LR server. Makes me sad to remember I lost the acc...

I could post a lot more, but you would get bored - got around 600 ss from qRO here.

Well boys and girls... Im trying RO for fun again, so see ya around! I only registered to share these thoughts.

Good times! SEMPER FI qRO!!!

Joe Black - for fun, for lag, for glory!


i really miss q-ro,that best server ever,
i want play it with my all my friends again. /sob

what ragnarok all of you play?
i play intenseRO now this not bad   /heh



Hi all, i am from qro, was one of the first servers i played in, was there for some years too, miss the old times.
However i am planing to lunch a new server that is not much difrent as qro stats, the HR one , and with non-donation op equipment etc too


Ahh Nostalgia, Haven't played a server since Q-ro.. None can compare.


Quote from: motherflippin on Apr 06, 2012, 03:51 AM
War Dragons such a trash guild.

Thats 'cuz you werent there. All guilds were trash - if you weren't in it.

After all that's the spirit of competition of a bunch 16 year olds...


I miss that server :-(

Anyone know what the average pop was both on LR and HR?


I was literally talking to some friends about my past with RO servers and recalled qRO, decided to Google it and this thread came up!  qRO was great but it came to a massively dramatic end.  I think there were one or two attempts to revive the community but it never happened.  I played l(Libery?)RO for a bit too but that also met a sudden end similar to qRO but not as overblown since the community wasn't as large.

Anyways, I was probably small fry in terms of my actual in-game characters but dominant in forum arguments with those I hated.  Spent way too much time sitting around in PvP when I should have been leveling...etc.  Guilds -- my stalker (SeigiKen -- unheard of) was in DFK.  qRO was an awesome community and I certainly had a bittersweet relationship with it.  If the server were to somehow revive today and everyone came back, I'd join in a heartbeat even without my friends IRL being there.

I think my most known character was "Saint David"(Champion), but I also used a High Priest named (Kyrie Eleison) quite a bit.


So I found this rather old screenshot in one of my super old photobucket accounts.

My character names in q-ro were probably something similar to Jesyikaa/ JesSyikaa . I really can't remember though. That's also probably the ONLY screenshot I have left of q-ro since my old old comp exploded.


Hi to all players of quality ragnarok online. Im doing some server files and looking for a good host. Qro Server Will be back soon.

like this page so you can see what day it will be launch.

Join This Page:

Qro Admin


random search and poof /heh

from qRO HR forgot my char name damn and from Blacklisted guild 2007 i think


Just because your server is called QualityRO doesn't mean it's the same server  /pif