Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)

Started by xBlurryFate, Nov 23, 2007, 01:52 PM

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Like most of the others I just signed up to shout out to the fellow qRO players of old after doing a random search for qRO. Such a good time that was, and it's a pity I didn't post here when Lynxx and Cypress were around, I still remember them.

Anyways, for any future lurkers my LR (and I think HR) names for my mains were Stryfe (Champion), and Nyte (High Priest...I think). I was in DFK and FH, though I can't really say I remember what they stood for!

Like it was said before, there were so many good people on that server (and the huge marriage parties were hilarious). I wouldn't be lying if I said I'd love for the chance to speak to some of them again.


I played qRO in 2004 or 2005 I think. Just when it started when the GR/DEV card wasnt working so everyone in the pvp room was champs lol. The guilds were The Chaos Legion, Ronin, Anonymous and others. I was a Champ in HR, ign : s*** HaPpEnS :/ I remember a HP called Fakey lol and another champ called FruitPunch.

I played qRO in 2006 onwards too, in HR I was in the Reborn guild :D

Man I miss that server so much! Where is everyone scattered nowadays?

Woo Nam


Played on LR
William Tell - Sniper
Frazier - Champ
Luis Oska - Paladin

Woo Nam

Quote from: SUPAHFLII on Nov 20, 2011, 06:30 PM
Played on LR
William Tell - Sniper
Frazier - Champ
Luis Oska - Paladin
Worst high wiz on qRO

Even worse druid


I really miss qRO... best server ever


LR player here.

Was in Dynasty. Played a bunch of chars since I traded accounts sometimes, mostly chilling @ PvP room.

2v4-5-6 ing DFK with Raph ( GM Bob ) best times.

Here are some random phrases :

Superdealers duped GR/doppel ( let alone 0delay )
Blessed Hand's server crashed +10 Ice Pick
server crash spam = someone upgrading
Erwin's unlimited mastelas
Flabber best sniper hueahuaheuhhu
asura bwing KSers best guild
+7 Safety Rings
lvl 50 trans due job NPC bug
Seeing Wonder Nutshell in PvP room and know who it was
pinoy/br guilds KOS in PvP room ( sup HD,GK etc. )

Let's make the list longer guys, also anyone has those funny GIF about "known" people?


PirateMermaid here, I must say. It's been a few years lol, when I was playing back then I was 14-17, now I am 22. qRO was the best RO server I ever played in, and still to this day some times I look back and think damn that was so much fun. It was such a great community, the heroes, the villians, the scams, you name it. It all blended so perfectly. I really miss those days, of course i stopped playing video games for the most part now.


I miss qRO so much.
I've been searching for the BGMs from the kakashi client for a while now.
Does anyone know where I can find them?


Man, my friend brought up RO today and I thought back to my days on qRO HR. My forum name was nasaboy007 there too, but my sinx was LightningStrike, also had a wiz MagicBlast. I was in AlphaOmega/Resurrection/whatever the namechanges were.

Although you guys might remember me better as <GM>Omni in the later years of qRO on HR. I remember we had a major update that lost all the custom NPCs, and I ended up reimplementing them as well as making a new donation page because all the other GMs/admins were too busy / didn't know how. That was all in addition to my regular GM duties. Man, how did I ever have that much free time then?  :D


i remember penismermain :c good old times.


wow.. so many familiar names. Cant believe the years flew by, started playing in gr 8/9, now I am graduating university soon :O

my main was Midnight Blaze, sniper on LR and was one of the "higher ups" in KSer's (yes, that guild  ;D), later when KSers died, went on to found INF with some other ex KSer members

a year or two into it, my friend Fallen quit and gave me his account along with his sinX, and I played heavily between that and my sniper, so some of you may know me on that character.

would love to catch up on the people I (for better or for the worst) spent some of my teen years with, throw me a message!

BTW there is a pretty big qRO group on FB, anyone interested should definitely join up


This server was the prime of ragnarok imo.


i remember playing QualityRO, it is still the best server ever. I remember GM Kakasashi, the other Gm i didnt care for. I was a assassin called "Phantasy Star IV Rika" Knight "Valis III Yuko Asho"  Did anyone had a hatred for a gamer called "HeyWooNam" and "WooNam" He was hateful to everyone and everyone hated him, yet he respected but a few. Anyways, the guild i joined was either called "kingdom of Heavenly knights" <---- i forgot the actual name it was one of the best guilds ever. The one i joined was "Pantsu United" Those are the best moments of my MMORPG life that we can never get back.


I miss QRO =(

and @valisHD - Im still im contact with Pantsu's leader :D