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Anyone from EternityRO?

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Hello, anybody from EternityRO still around? If so are you guys playing on another server or waiting for EternityRO to make a come back?

I thought they are still alive ... no? not anymore?  *Checks website* ... oh I see, what happened there?  Last time I heard, which was a month or two ago, they are thinking of remaking or wiping (v4 now?).

Nope, it's gone for now. Yes, there's rumors of a v4 in the making. Apparently some corrupted GM deleted everything I think it was like GM Adria? Or something. I'm not 100% sure on the details, but that's what I've heard. Are you from EternityRO?

Honestly I think I tried there only for a few days a few wipes ago lol.  Can't say I am from it.

During v2? EternityRO was big during v2 and most of the people from LegacyRO migrated to there after LegacyRO died. I wonder where they went tbh. I don't see any sign of Nabz or any other guys from LegacyRO still around. Do you still play RO?


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