Anyone from EternityRO?

Started by Akasuna, Aug 11, 2011, 07:23 PM

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Quote from: shikuchi3step on Sep 21, 2023, 05:47 AMOmg Adriaaa!! You're aliiive! \o/

I think you're like, the only surviving member of the eRO Administrative team at this point?

I remembered a looong time ago that you joined the Failboat guild forums on... was it envision free or something?
We had a thread called [Post Your IRL Pics] and I seem to recall that you posted a selfie where you were wearing glasses /hmm and Crissy / Crystal in her black beret (headgear) xD

Also don't remember too much about Kevin so can't confirm the cherubim bit.

P.s - If my rusty memory serves me correct, you're from Scandinavia right (or was it a cold place in Europe)? and pretty attractive to boot  /lv 
P.s.s - Do you still hate Brad? Lmaooo, I remembered him being a real annoying troll to you folks on the GM Board  /heh

I brought the idea of making a guild forum to Crissy back then and made it for the peeps. Never thought it was going to be really active at the time.

It did become popular when IRL pics were posted. I remember still talking to Amber at least up until a year after v3 closed then it slowly died.


I wonder if people from the era of EternityRO are still around? The idea of re-living the classic RO dream again sounds enticing. The most fun I had was on Eternity along with LegacyRO, despite all the ups & downs. Good ol' days!
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Quote from: Deviruchi on Nov 06, 2023, 02:07 PMSounds familiar, was he a bard that just spammed the freeze song? 🤣

Brad was a Whitesmith who was friends with CandyApple. I think he had a crush on her.


Hi everyone!

I'm so pleased to see that there are still some eRO players around.

Reading this thread there are some names / guilds that I think I remember :)

My nick was Nixam, I was LK for Gold Saints (frenchies)


Hi there !

Was on eRO too, i played as Sin x Hitsuka / HP Hitsuke / Crea Yumpa on french guilds 

I just restarted playing RO, happy to see that some eRO players are still alive


Holy s***, its been what, a whole 17-18yrs? cant believe I could find eternityRO nostalgia here.

Was a wiz & bard for Power & Benriya guild if not mistaken, was a noob supporting char, but i really enjoyed the international community in the server. Made tons of in game long lost international friends too, all the way from SouthEastAsia to US,UK Europe, Aussie etc2.

Could spend tons of hours idle chatting in Prontera/geffen/aldebaran with strangers/parties/guild. Missed the crazy big parties spamming in glastheim majorurous farmin. Enjoyed watching Epic guild showdown between NaBz, Gold Saints, BerZerker, and etc2, post PVP sessions and all the guild drama, pride, flaming and s***.

Can't believe there's still a forum discussing this and happen to google it.

Just started in UaRO recently, feeling all the nostalgia from days past. Although, couldnt find such great, helpful and friendly community from back then. =')

Despite the server closing after so long, it was a really fun and happy server, great childhood memories too. Just wanna say, am Thankful for all the GM's and the great community in EternityRO!!