Any aeRO original players around?

Started by ldewerdt, Dec 30, 2014, 03:54 PM

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Hey, just curious to see who all plays or lingers around still from aeRO. I would say I played there from about 02-05 ish and on Charm (forget what the orignal name of it was now). When MoM and RoR were at their prime and even before the tran classes came out.


 /ok I used to play in Charm around that time, with RoR. my ign was mew, and I mainly played priestess/champion. I hung out a lot with my mentor Maireen. Sure miss those old friends from Charm


I used to play in Primal on a brazilian Guild named Brazucas. Anyone from there (algum brasileiro aqui)? Great WOE times.

Then after Primal shutdown, I started playing on Nocturna with a SinX ign "Dont be scary" mainly on PVP.

When OldSchool server was released, I was the only Super Novice on PVP. I was happy when I got to TOP 1 monthly ranking for number of killings.

Fun fact: I had a novice (not super novice) level ~90 on OldSchool server with really op itens and cards (for example, Lord of The Dead Card card on my novice weapon lol). Sometimes I went to PVP and was able to kill some people xD.

I don't remember the name of the server, but there was a really cool one that was a "Capture the flag" game with 2 team (red and blue). Server was one map only. You level up by killing people and the game ends in 1 hour. After that you reset to level 1 novice and lose all itens. I really liked to play on this server. Anyone knows a similar server?

Here are some prints of aeRO (I lost my really old prints :/ ) :



Used to play in Keenan. Sorry but I don't have any screenshots left :(