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General Discussion / Need Help with my gx please
Last post by Markmueller - Jun 11, 2024, 06:26 AM

Im playing on a high rate. Max Level 175 max Stat 175. Double Attack can crit. But its pre renewal. Max aspd 193. Mvps have much More HP than usual.

I want to Play dual dagger.

I Need Help with the weapons and stat choice of my gx. I want to kill mvps.

I dont exactly know how the cards modifiers Work, so i Wonder what would be the best cards For my 2 Main gauches (4).

I have Access to AK cards, i can also do a specific Second Main gauche For the specific MVP, say vadon vadon minorous minorous Card.

What Would BE the best Setup For mvps?

Just x4 AK cards in Main Hand
And 3 ele 1 size cards in Off Hand?
Sadly i dont quite understand the concept yet, despite searching For it. What i understood is that offhand cards Work on Main Hand.

I also have Access to ICE Pick For high def mvps. No Access to MVP cards.

Also regarding stats, is IT good to Go with luk For the non high def mvps ( so No ICE Pick) Since i can crit Double Attack?

Thanks For help

Quote from: Orange on Jun 10, 2024, 08:35 PMInput broadcasting is when you press a key and it sends it to other clients and that is against the ToS of pretty much every server.
ToS are my problem, I'm just asking for software solutions. For example, programm "clicker" Will it help me with this? I don't really understand how they work, maybe you still need to switch windows if you have several characters in individual windows?
Quote from: Orange on Jun 10, 2024, 08:35 PMPinWin - Pin On Top is another solution with offsetting your priests client if clicking gloria is preferred over alt tabbing constantly.
I'm playing a full window with a task pane. This program will definitely help me with this? so, I have screen of the main attakcer character, and what manipulations do I need to do with the keys and mouse to cast Gloria?
Server Discussion / Return to Morroc being made op...
Last post by chimaeragryph - Jun 10, 2024, 10:05 PM
QuoteHello there @everyone .

Yesterday would have been the 1 year anniversary for Return to Morroc.

While well... its no longer in service, I wanted to take a moment to talk a little about it.

These words come from heart, and the text is long, so if you do read it, take your time.

Return to Morroc was my dream project. It was born from the feeling I had of not really belonging anywhere. I would wander from server to server while never really finding a place to call home, or a server to be part of.

I felt like an Orphan of RO. Someone with nowhere to go back to, but always looking somewhere.

I wanted RO to be much, much better and bigger. I had made too many suggestions over years on multiple servers and would always get frustrated out of the hurdles.

Systems would take forever to get made, basic things didnt work properly, so many things had no purpose... I wanted a remake of the game, with fresh ideas, that learned from its mistakes and corrected many things.

Then one day my wife said "Why don`t you do it yourself?", then

And here we are, a group I once was happy to find 15-20 people who wanted a new world for RO to now be almost 6000 people. Everyone with ideas, intentions and plans. We had a massive community with over 1500 unique People every week, we had our dramas, our fights, our issues and many more cool stuff.

Return to Morroc was not the first custom server, but for me, and many here, it was the best one to exist. It had everything I ever wanted in RO in a single place.

What happened was extremely personal to me as a person, and Im thankful for all the strenght I got and people sent.

It hurt a lot, it was not an easy decision, even if rushed. It was the right call to do at the time.

And I'm terribly sorry for it. I know it was a home to all of you, and I know it hurt a lot. It  ruined my holidays. I felt like I made everyone feel like I had in the past. Orphans.

After thinking about all the incredible projects being worked on... Im inspired.

This was voted many times, discussed in depth and many more. But in the end, I believe that even if people burn it down with cash grabs and s*** versions, People who wanted to visit Morroc and the Orphanage deserve an opportunity to do so.


Below will you find all the files necessary to run Return to Morroc

The intent is for the files to be used to both play with friends over hamachi/radmin VPN, or for study...or you can monetize it and be a ****.

I will not address how to change anything or whatever, you are on your own.

I also created ‚Ā†return-to-morroc-chat  so you can discuss PRM related stuff and data, enjoy it!

Return to Morroc also will be on version 1.2.2 - Relic of Legends, implemented partially with the following changes vs when it closed:

-New MVP relics are added, for all field bosses.
-Lv 115 sets not added, some minor bugs and other stuff is not fixed.
-Some minor changes and partial client encryption
-Good luck with all of it. I will -not- support any of it. you are on your own.
-MSQ Ep 6

Just open server (folder 01) and run on taskbar clock flag, runserver.bat(02) and run client(03). (may need to install SQL)

You can also change ip to radmin VPN IP when hosting on sclientinfo.xml, data folder.

I was offered over 20k USD for PRM but refused to sell it to be predated on. It's a work of love.
If you wish to help me a bit or thank for the stuff I make, you can check my patreon:

This is my gift to those who been here. my orphans.

Cool stuff eh?
I hope you can visit my orphanage.

While I work on new stuff, for people tired of the old stuff, again :no1:

From today forward, you can return anytime you want.


Pls check inobox, i PM'd
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: How can I use buffs from t...
Last post by Orange - Jun 10, 2024, 08:35 PM
Input broadcasting is when you press a key and it sends it to other clients and that is against the ToS of pretty much every server.

Some servers allow inbuilt in mouse/keyboard macros so I'd check rules/ask your server staff and pick one of those up if that's an option.

PinWin - Pin On Top is another solution with offsetting your priests client if clicking gloria is preferred over alt tabbing constantly. This doesn't control your character in any way so is allowed under most ToS's but I'd maybe ask your server specifically and anti cheats may pick up something interacting with the client
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate (3/3/3 - 10/10...
Last post by Omocho - Jun 10, 2024, 08:04 PM
Quote from: Mammouth on May 07, 2024, 01:00 AM
  • No Gepard protection, which in my opinion is useless, except for installing a Trojan on players' PCs and slowing down game loading (my mouse software has never been detected by Gepard, lul).

Aside from the fact that server sounds atrocious, should've started and ended with this. No gepard lmao. There's a reason it's standard. Cuz it works well. Enjoy your crappy bot server.
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by distilled1 - Jun 10, 2024, 06:59 PM
Quote from: Oreki on Jun 09, 2024, 01:42 PMTry WorldRO. Fairly new and with no dual client.
Ahhh nice try, bro.  You got me excited for a minute but if you look:

"One client per PC."
lol. Not one client per player. One client per PC. So essentially that means you can have infinite clients open for infinite virtual machines you're running.
Why even bother pretending there's "no dual clienting" when it's obvious there is without even needing to check in game?
2 windows, the main character and auto-following priest. Is there a solution that I can get priest castes without switching to his window every time?
It's one thing if it's agi up and blessing every 4 minutes. But switching for Gloria every 30 seconds is very inconvenient. Is there any solution?
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by Mammouth - Jun 09, 2024, 09:22 PM
If you're not in a hurry to join a server, I suggest waiting until September for the launch of Dayone. It's a single-account server with a unique 'robot' system, a type of tradable homunculus between players.
Priest +Sage player with 2 robot ( wiz and bard )

If you're looking for a server that is already open, there's Uaro, I believe, which is single-account with a large community.
Low Rates / Maroll Kingdom - Full PvP - 3 ...
Last post by fllip - Jun 09, 2024, 02:08 PM



Maroll Kingdom is a modification of the classic game, focusing on Player vs. Player content.
Players can choose their desired class right away, without needing to grind for rebirth. Status and skill points start maximized and remain this way, even when leveling up, allowing players to engage in PvP from their first day on the server.
The game offers several PvP arena modes, a custom battleground, and a unique GvG system called War of Factions.
Players can earn experience points, rewards, and zeny by participating in battlegrounds and PvP.


Max Lv.: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max Aspd: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex


Every Weapon and Shield have it own sprite

Special Combo Set are classic headgear + weapon combos which give special bonuses

Revamped junk cards to balance useless and forgetten skills and builds

Three custom PvP Arenas with zeny, exp and item rewards

War of Faction: Custom GvG WoE-Style - Join one of the two factions and conquest the enemy!

Custom Battlegrounds: Auto-Party, Consumables and more...

Npc 2.0 - A.I moving NPCs players can interact with tourism quests, hunts, trades and more...

Pirate Raid: Custom event - Join Captain Ferlock crew to loot midgard coastal towns

Coastal Echo - Protect coastal towns from pirate spirits

Schwartzvald Advance: Defend Midgard from invasors!

Leveling System - Start as Transcend - Status & Skill points maximized!